Tornado Order Management

Efficient ordering.

Tornado Order Management is an ordering system for single test beds to complete testing facilities with a global structure.

It is an independent, lightweight application for creating, managing and scheduling activities . Using freely configurable data models , activities, assignable resources and interfaces, the system can also be adapted to your specific requirements in test bed and test facility management.

Creating & managing

  • Device under test (DUT) data entry
  • Test parameter entry
  • Interfaces to external data sources
    • For
      • Supplementing the data
      • Importing all the planning data
    • From
      • Files (XML, CSV, etc.)
      • Database tables
      • Web services
      • ...
  • Verifying the available data is correct and complete (is the DUT data complete)
  • Scripting support (e.g. VB.NET, etc.)

Approving activities for scheduling


  • Scheduling activities on the test bed
    • Automatic
    • Manual (drag & drop)
  • Checking time constraints (minimum/maximum testing time)
  • Test bed availability (blocking and releasing)
  • Allocating activities to possible test locations (where can the activity be carried out)
    • Test cell dimensions
    • Instruments available
  • Overview of testing operation
    • Current & historic data
      • Status
      • Capacity utilisation
  • Approving activities for testing

Testing & results

  • Reporting on data evaluation
  • Listing the activities to be carried out on the test bed
  • Entering the contract-related data in the automation system
  • Reporting activity status (e.g. setting “In progress” on the test bed itself)
    • Activity
    • Order
  • Automatic processing
  • Sending results
    • To external data sources

Tornado Order Management

Ordering and managing

  • Enters the test order
  • Automatically allocates an appropriate available test bed and resources
  • Sends the data to be verified
  • Parameterises and enables the test bed
  • Runs the test
  • Enters, transfers and manages the test results